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New Stage Lighting for SMCC School Hall

Act now to support our Alma Mater!

Our Alma Mater is calling for our support in raising funds to upgrade the stage lights in our School Hall.

Mr. Oliver has taken up the task to revamp all stage lights in our school hall, making them safer and easier to operate for students, and more cost-efficient to maintain for the school.  “Many of our existing lights were decades old and no longer serviceable and for some we could not even get replacement light bulbs,” explained Loban Mr. Oliver, champion of the project.

“The trend in stage lighting these days is to use computer controlled LED lights which have several advantages over existing analogue lights. Firstly they use less than half the amount of power. Secondly colour change is obtained at the press of a button so we no longer need to attach colour filter gel to the lamps, a tedious and time- consuming job as every past lighting team member would remember. Also a wide variety of colours can be mixed through the computer panel so the artistic options are immensely enhanced. Most importantly the lights are safe and easy to operate and are student-friendly!”

The effects of the upgraded lighting system was successfully demonstrated during the new musical "Colours" performed in April 2017, and was well received by the stage crew, the actresses and the audience.  Our Alma Mater is still receiving donations to support the project, for future maintenance and development.  Your generous help is very much appreciated!




Please complete the Donation Form to make your donation.
Amounts of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible.

For further enquiry, please contact Ms. Queenie Cheng at 2724 2771 or

Thank you in advance for your support!


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